Monday, 7 April 2014


A  miscarriage is the spontaneous  expulsion of the fetus  from the womb before it is fully  matured enough to live outside the womb.
A  miscarriage is when the  fetus is lost in the  first 20 weeks of pregnancy. 80%  of miscarriages  happen  before the 20th week of pregnancy. If a woman miscarries  after   the pregnancy has passed 20 weeks is called late miscarriage. Most  cases of miscarriages are due to the fact that the fetus has not formed  properly and nature is getting rid of it. Miscarriages could also follow  after a severe  or viral infection or because of some abnormality of the uterus particularly a cervix which is incompetent.

1. Slight irregular spotting of blood
2. Discharge of blood from the vagina that looks like menstruation
3. The bleeding may be followed by  slight cramping pains that resemble period pain.
4. The woman may expel pieces of tissues.

1.Infections especially viral ones.
2. Hormonal problems
3. Uterine abnormalities
4. Incompetent cervix
5. Life style-smoking, drinking or use of illegal drugs
6. Uncontrolled Diabetes
7. Severe malnutrition

A woman  who has suffered a miscarriage should not blame herself by  feeling that the miscarriage happened because of something she did or did not do.Rather she should know  that it is because  the embryo did not form properly due to chromosonal  defects. Moreover, she still has chances of having healthy babies.

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