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Sleep disorders or sleeplessness also known as insomania is a condition where the sufferer  finds it difficult to sleep. It  is a  condition that affects how much and how well you sleep.
The reason for this could be emotional  problems, poor habits that keep you awake or it could be  for medical reasons.
From time to time, we may experience inability to sleep. This is normal and a temporary situation which may have been triggered off  by  stress,excessive intake of coffee etc. But a situation where inability to sleep  becomes a regular occurrence that interferes with our  everyday life, it is a sleep disorder.
The importance of sleep to the human body cannot be over emphasized. .This  is because;

1. Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep can slow down your metabolism thereby  making you add unnecessary weight.
2. Lack of concentration during the day could be traced back to not  having  a good  night's  sleep.
3. We make better quality decisions after a good night's sleep
4. We look healthier and more attractive after a good  night's rest.
5. A good night's sleep put's us in a good mood and makes us live longer.
6. Sleep improves our memory and ensures that we don't  fall sick often.
1. Avoid or reduce dozing during  the day.
2. Avoid stimulants such as tea or coffee late in the evening
3. Taking alcohol late in the evening may act like a sedative but you wake up too early.
4. Take a glass of warm milk to help you relax.
5. Deal with the challenges you encounter during the day so that you don't carry them  to bed.
6. Take one hour  before bed time to calm yourself and relax.
7. Treat the cause of the insomania.

1. Lack of energy
3. Poor memory
4. Poor concentration
5. Low self esteem.
6. Depression
7. Heart disease
8. Type 2 Diabetes especially in women.
9. Fatigue
The important thing is to find out what caused the lack of sleep and correct it. A sleep difficulty  that lasts more than one week requires a visit to the doctor.

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