Monday, 9 June 2014


Growing old is inevitable, feeling old is not. In order to grow old gracefully,there are several ways in which you can achieve this;
* Remain curious about life and be  or become passionate about causes. This will stimulate your brain.Being curious and passionate is a good way of keeping mentally alert.
*It is believed that  older people  are more emotional and show their emotions more openly, weeping more readily and being more sentimental. Expressing their emotions more openly keeps them healthier.

*Eat a healthy diet which contains fresh vegetables and fruits. Reduce the amount of fat eaten in the form of butter, pastries, cakes and meat.This does  not mean that an older person should not eat cakes and the other goodies from time to time, it merely means that the person should try to eat a sensible diet.
*If you smoke, try to limit the cigarettes or  stop altogether.
*Take regular enjoyable exercise. Walking is a wonderful way of keeping fit. It costs nothing, it gives you the chance of seeing other people  and places and it is  easy to do, even if you  have a disability. It is  recommended by many doctors that a woman should walk briskly for about 20 to 30 minutes three times a week.
* If you are obese, try and reduce your  weight so that it falls into the normal range.Obesity aggravates arthritis, increases the risk that you will develop high blood pressure and increases the chance that you will have gall-bladder disease.
As the years pass, inevitably a woman will grow  and look old. Streaks of grey first appear in her hair and eventually all her hair becomes grey and less profuse, and later it turns white.
Her skin becomes  less taut, and wrinkles increase on her face, arms and body.Wrinkles are also more likely to occur in certain families. If your mother or father had extensive wrinkles, you are likely to have extensive wrinkles. As  she grows older, her teeth become looser and may have to be extracted. As well as alterations to her physical appearance as a woman ages, three of her five senses become affected. Her hearing becomes less acute and she is no longer able to hear higher sounds clearly. If there is a lot of background noise, she may not be able to distinguish the words spoken to her from the noise.
An older woman may find that she cannot see as well as formerly, in  other words, her vision is  less acute and she may  require spectacles or have to change her existing glasses.
As the years pass, a woman's immune system which helps to protect her from getting viral and other infections,becomes less effective. If she catches flu for example, she may have a more severe infection and may  find  it harder to shake off. Minor illnesses like common colds may be more severe and lead to longer periods of restricted activity.
After the age of 70, a woman is likely to have  less strength  in her muscles and may find it uncomfortable to walk up stairs or  for long distances. Although in all older people muscle strength diminishes, the decrease can be  retarded if the person regularly takes exercise.
With increasing age,  a woman's sense of balance becomes less effective and she has to take care that she does not trip and fall.
The  physical and physiological changes of aging are inevitable and affect people differently. Those who are least affected have not misused their bodies during their earlier years by smoking, by drinking heavily and by failing to take exercise.

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