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This is a condition that affects  the muscular skeletal system especially the joints.  From  age 55, it is the main cause disability among people in the industrialized areas of the world.
There are different types of arthritis. These are  the common ones ;
1. Osleoarthritis ;this is a condition  where the the cartilage loses its elasticity. The stiffness of the cartilage causes it to become damaged. When this happens, the tendons and ligaments become stretched
which in turn causes pain. In the long run , the bones may rub against each other which causes severe pain.
Rheumatiod Arthritis; This  condition is more common in women than in men and occurs between the age of 40-60 years.


Diabetes is a situation or condition where by the glucose or sugar in the blood is too high. This  sugar comes about through the  digestion of starchy foods such as bread and rice . A  hormone in the body  known as insulin helps the body use sugar for energy.
There are 3 types of diabetes  that can affect people Type 1 and Type 2 are long term conditions.  Gestational  diabetes only occurs in pregnancy and goes away after delivery.

Type1 Diabetes; This is a  condition where the body produces  little or no insulin at all. This makes the body unable to use blood sugar for energy. It requires daily intake of insulin to control the condition.
Type 2 Diabetes; This is when the body  produces too little insulin or cant make use of the insulin it makes to use blood sugar for energy. This  condition can be controlled  by eating a proper diet and exercise. Some  people  take diabetes pills, insulin or both of them.

Gestational Diabetes
This type of diabetes  is the type of diabetes that is seen in a woman that did not have diabetes before she became pregnant. It  can be controlled through a good diet and regular exercises. Sometimes, the woman requires insulin.
The test for gestational diabetes is to measure the glucose level in a woman's blood during her  first antenatal visit and again  at the 28th week of pregnancy. When a woman is expecting a baby, her body has to make extra insulin especially from mid pregnancy. Her body needs extra insulin because hormones from the placenta  make the body less  responsive to it. If  her body cannot  meet this demand, her blood sugar level will rise and she may develop gestational diabetes.

1. Tiredness
2.Dryness in the mouth
3.Excessive thirst
4. Excessive urination
5.Getting reccuriing  infections eg thrush
6. Blurred vission
Gestational diabetes  may lead to birth complications. Labour may need to be induced or a caeserian section may be carried out  at  the 38th or at 40 weeks. The baby may have a low blood sugar  when born and also jaundice The baby's blood sugar will need to be mornitored  for a while after birth.


As a woman grows older, her blood pressure tends to rise because her artries are getting stiffer and less elastic. By the age of 70, one woman in three will have high blood pressure.To diagnose high blood pressure, your doctor will put a cuff around your arm and raise the pressure in the cuff until the blood flow below the cuff is stopped. The doctor will then release the pressure in the cuff slowly until the blood starts to flow again and the pulse can be detected by listening through a stethoscope. This gives the height of your blood pressure when your heart is breathing. The doctor continues to release the air in the cuff as he listens to your pulse until the beats cease. This measures your blood pressure when your heart is relaxed. The two measurements are recorded. If the reading exceeds 160/95 and this level or higher is found on three occassions at least three weeks apart,  you have high blood pressure.
One of the most dangerous aspects of  high blood pressure is that the person may not know he or she has it until the person goes for a  check up. Regular checkups is very important especially if  you have relatives who have it.
High blood pressure may present with the following symptoms;
1. Severe Headache
2. Chest Pain
3. Dizziness
4.Pounding feeling in the head or chest
5. Lightheadedness
1. Stress
2. Smoking
3. Use of oral contraceptive in women
4. Diet high in saturated fat
5. A diet high in sait
6.Excessive alcohol intake
7.Overweight or obesity
8. Physical inactiveness
9. Diabetes
10. Pregnancy

High blood pressure can be treated by changing your life style to a more relaxed one and losing weight if you are obessed. Doctors also prescribe diuretic drugs which reduce the blood pressure  and increase your need to pass urine.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Being healthy means having a sense of well being, being able to function during everyday life and being able to meet the challenges of everyday life when they arise. These steps if  followed  will keep you  feeling healthy.

1. Make sure the people around you are people who make you feel good about yourself and not those who encourage you to smoke, eat or drink too much.
2. Choose role models that are strong healthy and real.