Thursday, 3 April 2014


In recent times, much attention is devoted to the care of pregnant mothers during the 40 weeks of pregnancy than ever before. This emphasis on antenatal care has resulted in a very considerable reduction in maternal deaths during childbirth and a very considerable salvage of babies who might otherwise have died. For antenatal care to be effective, the pregnant woman must go to her doctor as early as possible in pregnancy and be seen at regular intervals during pregnancy.


Breastfeeding is when a baby is feed by sucking on the mother's breast instead of using infant formulars. Below are some of the  benefits associated with breastfeeding;

1. Breast milk is sterile, balanced and appropriate for the human body.
2. Breast feeding enables the mother and baby to interact more fully than bottle feeding.
3. Breast  milk supplies substances which protect the baby against infections especially gastro-intestinal infections, respiratory infections and viral infections