Friday, 4 April 2014


Domestic violence is when one partner exercises power and control over the other partner in the relationship in an abusive manner. Domestic violence occurs in all social classes, but it seems  to be more common among the less educated, the unemployed and those who live in poor social conditions. In some cases of domestic violence, the abuse is mild physical abuse such as pushing or slapping.


ALCOHOL; Pregnant women should avoid alcohol intake during pregnancy. This is  because a woman who  drinks  excessively during pregnancy may end up having babies that are too small in size, mentally retarded or have characteristic features.
ANAEMIA ;   A  pregnant woman may become anaemic. This is because of an increase in the total volume of blood which occurs in pregnancy. The answer to this  is for the expectant mother  to take iron tablets daily,  eat a good diet and take an anemia preventing vitamin called folic  acid.