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An erection problem is difficulty in raising or maintaining an erection capable of intercourse.  Erection problems are often due to stress at work, tension in relationships, depression, fatigue, lack of privacy, physical injury, or side effects of medication. These causes are generally temporary and will usually be resolve with home treatment. Other, more serious causes include diabetes, a long history of smoking, or vascular diseases.

The ease of gaining and sustaining erections generally decreases with age. However, with the right fore-play and environment, there is no age limit to the ability of healthy men to have erections. You can resolve erection problems by taking a more relaxed approach to lovemaking and also by watching out for possible side  effects  from  medications or illnesses.
·         Rule out medications first. Many drugs have side effects that can cause erection problems, especially blood pressure medicines, diuretics, and mood-altering drugs. Ask your doctor to check your medications for possible side effects on sexual function.
·         Avoid alcohol and smoking  which  make  erection problems worse.
·         Cope with stress. Tension in your life can distract you and make erections difficult. Regular exercise and other stress relieving activities may help ease tension.
·         Take time for more fore foreplay. Let your partner know that you would enjoy some stroking. Slow down, then   slow down some more.
·         Make sure you are ready. If you have experienced a recent loss or change in relationship, you may not yet be emotionally ready for erections. Generally, the stress will subside and the erection problem will disappear over time. Do what you can to relax.
·         Find out if you can have erections at other times. If you can have an erection when you wake up in the morning, the problem is probably stress-related or due to an emotional problem.
You should see a doctor for your erection problem if:
·         You think that a medication may be causing the problem. Substitutes may be available.
·         If you are unable to have an erection at all, or think that your problems may be a physical one.
·         If you are still having problems after a few months of self- help.
·         After other options have being tried for several months without success, you may wish to talk with your doctor about erection producing injections, a vacuum device, or penile implant.

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