Monday, 1 June 2015

Banishing bad breath.

Bad breath is caused as methyl mercaptan gas builds up in the mouth. This occurs until food is fully digested. Dry mouth and food bacteria are also causes of bad breath. Here are some tips on how to banish bad breath.

* Water
Have you ever wondered why your mouth feels sticky, parched, and foul smelling prior to a large meal? You are likely in need of water. Hydration does  a great deal  of work for the body. Drinking water aids digestion by flushing food through the digestive system more efficiently. Water also helps purge your mouth of excess debris that can stick to your teeth and tongue and cause bad breath. A dry  mouth full of food particles is a haven for bad breath and bacteria, but  drinking water cleanses them out. So the next time you devour garlic or pizza, try and cleanse the mouth by having a big glass of water. It may also prevent indigestion and  prevent you from developing excess plaque and cavities.
* Apples
An apple a day will banish foul breath, especially if you take it immediately eating a garlicky meal or pizza. This is due to the high amount of polyphenols in apples. These compounds are able to break down the pungent compounds in garli,c and deodorize the pungent taste and smell  that sometimes linger a meal.Because apples are fairly acidic, the high acidity level  of an apple will also help deodorize foul smelling foods.
Green tea
Green tea contains polyphenol which prevents the growth of bad breath bacterias. According to a  study, the powerful polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant present in green tea takes away bad breath, foul odor, and also prevents tooth decay. Green tea protects our oral health.
Red and juicy cherries are said to banish methyl mercaptan odors that are emitted from bad breath bacterias. According to nutritional science, cherries banish bad breath by destroying methyl mercaptan odors, a type of stinky gas emitted by the buildup of mouth bacteria. Cherries are able to break up  gas and help effectively digest bits of food before they create embarassing breath.
Whole milk
Drinking milk has been linked to deceasing the malodorous breath associated with  garlic breath or offensive odor. A glass of milk either fat-free, low fat, or whole milk, decreases the overall concentration of volatile odor emitting compounds from the mouth. However, because whole milk has a higher fat content, it  is the most effective bad breath banisher.

Reach for a sprig of parsley after eating a stinky meal in order to banish bad breath. The strong flavour of parsley is a natural deodorizer. Parsley gets its deep green color from chlorophll, a compound with antibacterial properties that are actually able to break down sulfur compounds, those that cause bad breath bacteria. Studies have shown that parsley has the ability  to break down various strains of bacteria that feast on food deposits in the mouth and cause bad breath. Parsley  has an effect on odor,  a masking effect that reduces the overall concentration of volatile sulfur compounds that result in bad breath.
The polyphenols in spinach eliminates smelly sulfur compounds in foods like garlic and onions. Spinach  is among the foods scientists  say can eliminate the unpleasant, bad breath and odors following a garlicky meal. Spinach acts as a deodorizing agent, attempting to break down the enzymes in garlic and naturally freshening embarrassing breath.
Lettuce reduces the foul smell of methyl mercaptan, a gas that builds up in the mouth as food is digested.  Lettuce  is said to have the same bad breath banishing  effect as cherries. This is because a few leaves of lettuce are able to break down the smelly chemical known as methyl mercaptan that causes bad breath. Methyl mercaptan is emitted when bacteria at the back of the mouth slowly breaks down food particles. Eating a few leaves of lettuce won't add to the calories you are  consuming. Simply add a few lettuce chops to your garlicky meals and you won't have to fear bad breath or weight gain.
Citrus fruits
Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes with high vitamin c  content make the mouth adverse to bacterial growth. Citrus fruits are recommended for foul-smelling breath. Consuming a modest amount of citrs fruits which includes lemons, limes, grapefruit or oranges after a  stinky meal or when your mouth is dry will help mask bad breath  odor.Citric acid present in citurs fruits stimulates saliva glands in the mouth. With increased saliva production, odorous causing mouth bacteria will be flushed out. The tangy  and pungent taste of citrus fruits like grapefruits, lemons, and limes, not only banishes bad breath, but also leaves a lively fresh smell and taste in your mouth.