Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Living a sedentary lifestyle that is devoid of any physical activity or one that is characterized  by irregular physical activity such as seating down either reading or watching television, working with a computer or just sitting down doing nothing leads to diabetes, hypertension. arthritis, obesity etc. Regular exercises keep the muscles  in tone,  gives strength to the heart and gives you  a  vibrant and disease free life, a state of wellness.
The recommended exercises for maintaining a healthy life is called aerobic exercises. Brisk walking for 30 minutes each day, 3 to 4  days a week, cycling, swimming and jogging are all forms of aerobic exercises. Below are some of he benefits of aerobic exercises to our health;
1.Reversal of acidity  ; exercises make the body to shake leading to movements within and  without the cells. This movement causes a faster circulation of blood, increases  flow of blood in the blood vessels and of water in and out of the cells which in turn ensures that the wastes from the cells get eliminated faster.These acidic wastes no longer accumulate in and around the cells and the tissues become alkaline.
2. Increases the rate of breathing and with the increased blood circulation,  more oxygen gets to the cells and carbondioxide is eliminated from the body faster.
3. Reduction of blood pressure; exercise helps to build up the muscles of the heart, making the heart to pump more blood with less effort and efficiently. Capillaries that  were shut down because of dehydration open up and with the formation of new capillaries as one  exercises, more nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the growing muscle bulk.
4. Helps stabilize blood sugar level in diabetics; as the muscles do more work, they will require more glucose for the production of more energy. As the demand for glucose rises, less glucose becomes available in the blood for insulin to move into the cells for storage.There is improved  sensitivity to insulin, working effectively to move glucose from the blood into the cells whenever the need arises.
5. Exercises increases sweating; There are millions of sweat glands in the skin and by sweating the body gets rid of certain toxic wastes. This  is one of the ways that the body is detoxified and rendered alkaline.
5. Increases lymphatic flow ; The lymphatic system is made up of very tiny vessels which run side by side with the small arteries  and veins. In these vessels is the lymphatic fluid that empties into the lymph  nodes regionally located to serve corresponding parts of the body. The lymphatic system unlike the circulatory system has no pump to drive its fluid. It therefore depends on the contraction and relaxation of the muscles to move the fluid along the lymphatic vessels.With exercise, there is increased contraction of   the muscles and this in turn ensures increased performance of the lymphatic system.

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