Thursday, 3 April 2014


Breastfeeding is when a baby is feed by sucking on the mother's breast instead of using infant formulars. Below are some of the  benefits associated with breastfeeding;

1. Breast milk is sterile, balanced and appropriate for the human body.
2. Breast feeding enables the mother and baby to interact more fully than bottle feeding.
3. Breast  milk supplies substances which protect the baby against infections especially gastro-intestinal infections, respiratory infections and viral infections

4. Breast milk to a large degree, protects babies against allergic disorders eg asthma
5. Breast feed babies are less likely to become obese which if it persists is a factor in adult life in coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
6. Breast feedind is more convenient for the mother. If she bottle feeds, she has to mix the formular, sterilize the bottle and teats, warm the mixture, feed the baby, wash  and sterilize the bottle and teats. In breast feeding,  she only has to give her breast to her baby to suck.
7. Breast feeding costs less than bottle feeding.

Breast feeding is a good way of providing babies  with the nutrients they for growth and development. Mothers need accurate information and support from family, the health care system and the society as a whole. 

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