Monday, 14 April 2014


Fibroids are non- cancerous tumours of the muscle fibres which make up the uterus. For some unknown reasons, one or more of the muscle fibres  which make up the uterus start developing and quite soon a few small pea-sized tumours appears deep in the muscle walls of the uterus. At this stage no one can detect them, but as the months or years pass, the tumours become the size of a golf ball, a tennis ball or a grape fruit
. The patient at this time can feel a lump in her abdomen. Fibroids can be single or several fibroid tumours. It may present with  the symptoms of heavier or irregular menstrual periods or no symptoms at all.
Fibroids are common when;
1. A woman has never had a child
2.Women who had their first baby after the age of 30.
Fibroids are common and require no  treatment  if they are not causing any symptoms. But in a few women who have symptoms, treatment is needed. The type of treatment  depends on the age of the woman and on whether she is still having  children. If a young woman who is anxious to have children is found to have fibroids which are causing symptoms, the doctor can often operate to remove the fibroids and leave the uterus. Though there is a slight chance that the fibroid may grow back,  the chances of pregnancy are good. In a older woman or a woman who wants no further children, the operation chosen is usually HYSTEREC TOMY   in which case the womb is removed.

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