Monday, 19 May 2014


Fruit is the most perfect food. It takes the least amount of energy to digest and gives the body the most in return. The only food the brain can work on is glucose. Fruit is primarily fructose {which can be easily converted into glucose} and its most often 90-95% water.This means that fruits  are  cleansing and nurturing at the same time.

The problem is  that  we must eat fruits in a way that allows the body to use  its nutrients effectively. Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach because fruits is not primarily digested in the  stomach. It digests in the  small intestine. Fruit is designed to go right through the stomach in a few minutes and into  the intestines where it releases its sugars. But if there is  meat, potato or starch in the stomach, the fruit gets trapped there and begins to ferment. Fruit must always be eaten on  an empty stomach. When you eat fruits is also important. It is best to eat no other food except fruits after 9pm in the night.
The best kind of fruit is fruit that is  fresh or freshly  squeezed fruit juice. Canned or tinned fruits  has been heated during the sealing process and the structure has become acidic.
Fruits protects us against heart disease. Fruits contain bioflavonoids which keep  the blood from  thickening and plugging up the arteries. Fruits also strenghten the capillaries, weak capillaries often lead to internal bleeding and heart attacks.
Our bodies  need something that is easy to digest, that provides fructose the body can use right away, and that helps cleanse the body. If we eat fruits or freshly squeezed juice as long into the day as is possible, we give our bodies a greater opportunity to cleanse itself and we will feel a new rush of vitality and energy. To obtain maximum benefit from fruit consumption, fruit must be slowly and thoroughly chewed.

1. Eating fruits leaves the body in an alkaline state which enables the body to function  normally.
2. Fruit consumption protects us against  heart diseases.
3. It helps food digestion.
4. Some fruits that are high in potassium content reduce the aging process.
5. Fruits that are high in potassium content for example bananas help in stress control.
6. Fruits enhances  the body's  immunity  and arrests premature aging.
7. Fruits contain anti-oxidants which contribute to the regeneration of the arterial walls.
8. Some fruits contain fiber which is essential  for stimulating proper bowel functions.
9. Fruit consumption is an ideal diet for the obese.
10. Fruits are rich in alkaline elements which purifies and revitalizes  the blood.
11. They serve as good appetizers.
12. They enhance proper heart functions.

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