Monday, 9 June 2014


Women have less risk of developing coronary heart disease and of dying from a heart attack, but more women seem to be  developing heart disease. Women over  the age of 50 have an increased risk. The risk is further increased amongst middle-aged women who are obese, particularly if more fat is deposited in their stomach than on their hips. The risk is also increased if a  woman smokes cigarettes, has a high blood pressure and avoids exercise.

The risk of developing heart disease is reduced if middle-aged women eat a sensible diet, if obese women reduce their weight, take regular enjoyable exercise and stop smoking.
*EXERCISE; It has  been shown in several studies that exercise is important in reducing the chance of heart disease and has the additional benefit of helping a woman reduce her weight. The  exercise must be  enjoyable or the person will not persist. It should be taken for about 30 minutes three times a week. You can choose the exercise you like best,  which may be  walking briskly or jogging, or some other weight-bearing exercise which puts your heart rate up and makes you a bit breathless.
*A PRUDENT DIET; A prudent diet is one in which the person eats much less saturated fat and sugar and more  complex carbohydrates,  vegetables and fruits.
*REDUCING DIETARY FAT; You should eat fewer processed meats like sausages, choose lean meat, eat chicken but not the skin, eat fish at least once a week. Avoid fried  foods and choose  low fat cooking oils .  Olive oil, salmon and mackerel have a protective effect.
It is better to eat a polyunsaturated margarine rather than butter, but if you prefer butter, spread it thinly You should also eat cakes and  pastries only occasionally as they contain hidden fat.
* REDUCING SUGAR; It is better to eat complex carbohhydrates such as wholemeal bread or pasta than sugar and other refined carbohydrates. You can reduce your sugar intake by cutting down the sugar you add to your tea or coffee. If you like breakfast cereals, avoid the sugared ones and try not to put sugar on the cereal in the breakfast bowl.
*ADDING FIBRE TO YOUR DIET; Eat wholegrain bread rather than white bread and try to eat  green vegetables  and fresh fruits.
*CHECKING YOUR BLOOD CHOLESTEROL; High levels of cholesterol in the blood increase the risk of heart attack. These  levels can be reduced to safer levels by choosing a prudent diet.
*Don't smoke ; Smoking is the main reason for heart disease in middle-aged women.

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