Sunday, 6 April 2014


Sleep disorders or sleeplessness also known as insomania is a condition where the sufferer  finds it difficult to sleep. It  is a  condition that affects how much and how well you sleep.
The reason for this could be emotional  problems, poor habits that keep you awake or it could be  for medical reasons.
From time to time, we may experience inability to sleep. This is normal and a temporary situation which may have been triggered off  by  stress,excessive intake of coffee etc. But a situation where inability to sleep  becomes a regular occurrence that interferes with our  everyday life, it is a sleep disorder.
The importance of sleep to the human body cannot be over emphasized. .This  is because;


Hormonal contraceptive pills is a form of  birth control measure used to prevent pregnancy.The  two female hormones; estrogen and progesterone's  laboratory made substitudes are used  to make it. These hormones give a woman her feminine features, prepares her uterus each month to receive a fertilized egg and helps  the egg to develop into a baby.



The urinary tract starts at the kidney, continues as a tube[the ureter] between the kidney and the bladder, expands as the bladder and then goes on as a tube between the bladder and the out side.
Infection  of the urinary tract is usually  due to the spread of bacteria from the outside up along the uretha to infect the bladder and then in most cases  , up along the urether to affect the kidney.
A woman has a shorter urethra than a man and therefore is more likely to develop infection of the bladder.