Monday, 9 February 2015


Some people seem to have more protection from diseases than others. Their immune systems appear to be more efficient. In addition to staying fit, eating right, and managing stress,  our  immune  system responds to our thoughts, emotions and actions. Some strategies will help our immune system function better. These are the strategies :

·         Develop positive expectations as it concerns your health –  Mental and emotional expectations can influence medical outcomes. The effectiveness of any medical treatment depends in part on how useful you expect it to be.  A “Placebo” is a drug or treatment that provides no medical benefit  except  for the  patient’s  belief that it will help. The placebo effect proves that expectations   affect health.  35% of the patients who receive placebos drug reported that they had relief from their medical problem, even though they received no actual medications.
Changing your expectations from negative to positive may give your immune system a boost. Stop all negative self –talk. Make positive statements that promote your health.  Write your illness a letter. Tell it that you don’t need it anymore and that your immune system is now ready to finish it off. Send  yourself  a steady stream of  phrases or sentences that sends  strong, positive statements to you about  yourself  such  as “ I am a capable person”, or “My  joints are strong and flexible”.
·         Visualize health and healing. Add mental pictures that support your positive affirmations. Become a cheerleader for your immune system. Talk to it and encourage it to be strong and keep fighting.
·         Open yourself to humor, friendship, and love – Positive emotions strengthen the immune system. Almost anything that makes you feel good about yourself helps you stay healthy. Learn to laugh more. A little humor makes life richer and healthier. Laughter increases creativity, reduces pain, and speeds up  healing.
·         Seek out friends . Friendships are vital to good health. Close social ties help you recover more quickly from illness and reduce your risk of developing diseases.
·         Volunteer to help others.  People  who volunteer to help others, live longer and enjoy life more than those who do not. By helping others, we help others.
·         Plant a plant or buy a pet. Plants and pets can be highly therapeutic. When you stroke an animal, blood pressure goes down and your heart rate slows. Animals and plants help us feel needed.
·         Appeal to the spirit. If you believe in God, ask for help and support in your pursuit of good health. Faith, prayer, and spiritual beliefs can play an important role in recovering from illness  and /or staying healthy. Your sense of spiritual wellness can help you overcome personal trials and things you cannot change.

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